#audiomo June 10, 2022 – Inkscape

On this 10th installment of #audiomo I briefly discuss Inkscape the free Open Source vector graphics editor. As I was typing up this entry and doing research into the website I realized they are now at version 1.2, so I’m eager to see what they changed and the improvements they’ve made. You can read up on Inkscape and download it for free for Windows, Mac and Linux at https://inkscape.org.

I also mentioned a plug-in you can get for Inkscape to create what I called 3D space presentations, but I’m not sure people will understand what that is, heck I’m not even sure I do! Kidding aside, for those of you curious go to https://prezi.com to see for yourself what I’m talking about. Prezi is not free, but with the extension Sozi and Inkscape you can create similar panning, zooming and interesting presentations for free.

Sozi can be downloaded here https://sozi.baierouge.fr/

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