#audiomo June 20, 2022 – Pencil and Pencil 2D

A bit of a confusing #audiomo this evening as I’m so so tired from several days of working in my basement. But here it is, in which I discuss not one, but two softwares with very similar names, but completely different functionality.

You can download Pencil2D for doing flip-book type animations at http://www.pencil2d.org

The GUI prototyping Pencil is available at https://pencil.evolus.vn/

Both are available for Windows, Mac and Linux

Screenshot of Pencil the Graphics User Interface prototyping tool.
Pencil the Graphics User Interface prototyping tool
Screenshot of Pencil 2D, the open source free animation software. This software is used to create animations by changing images like they did in the old fashioned days of hand-drawn animation.
Pencil 2D for doing animations, like the old flipbooks, draw a picture, then change it slightly then draw another one, etc…

Audacity (Audio recording software) – http://www.audacityteam.org
Blender (2D/3D designing and rendering software) – http://www.blender.org
Calibre (e-book management software)- http://calibre-ebook.com
Dia (Diagram editing software) – http://dia-installer.de
Exact Audio Copy – https://www.exactaudiocopy.de/
Fre:ac – http://freac.org
Gimp – http://gimp.org
Handbrake – http://handbrake.fr
Inkscape – http://inkscape.org
Joplin – http://joplinapp.org
Krita – http://krita.org
LibreOffice – http://libreoffice.org
Makehuman – http://makehumancommunity.org
Openshot – http://www.openshot.org
Pencil – https://pencil.evolus.vn Pencil2D – http://www.pencil2d.org

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