#audiomo June 21, 2022 – QCad, sort of…

So here we are a few hours before the official Summer Solistice and here is my June 21st installment of #audiomo warts and all, as I conducted a sound level check in the car at the start of the recording. 🙂

In this installment I take a look at what is essentially an unknown, but promising software, which I have yet to try. You can download QCad at http://qcad.org. Now, although I say it’s free software, that’s not altogether true as there is a ‘Community edition’, which has less functionality.

Audacity (Audio recording software) – http://www.audacityteam.org
Blender (2D/3D designing and rendering software) – http://www.blender.org
Calibre (e-book management software)- http://calibre-ebook.com
Dia (Diagram editing software) – http://dia-installer.de
Exact Audio Copy – https://www.exactaudiocopy.de/
Fre:ac – http://freac.org
Gimp – http://gimp.org
Handbrake – http://handbrake.fr
Inkscape – http://inkscape.org
Joplin – http://joplinapp.org
Krita – http://krita.org
LibreOffice – http://libreoffice.org
Makehuman – http://makehumancommunity.org
Nightingale – http://getnightingale.com
Openshot – http://www.openshot.org
Pencil – https://pencil.evolus.vn Pencil2D – http://www.pencil2d.org
QCAD – http://qcad.org

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