Audio-Rewind – Winter driving tips parts 1 & 2

This is the first of a series of audio blog entries where I curate and re-post some old audio recordings from my time spent at Audioboo(m). In this first instalment of two recordings I did some eight years ago for someone I befriended on the audio-based social network Audioboo, I answer a request from Jane […]

Audio blog update, upcoming stuff

A bit of an update on where my audio blog might be going…or not… I can never commit to these things as my dear readers already know. I have some plans on reusing some older content, check the audio and find out.

Electrical socket and Facebook Marketplace

I’ve always found sockets look like faces and the electrical company here in the province of Quebec in Canada had a campaign years ago on consumption awareness that featured the faces on the electrical socket talking to each other.