AudioMo – Day 13 A Mandelbrot-inspired Improvisation in C Major

I downloaded an amazing Free 3D computer program called Mandelbulb 3D which can create Mandelbrot-based 3D computer graphics. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I thought I’d fire it up, opened up a formula called AboxShapes-Misty and used it to inspire me to improvise some otherworldly music. Don’t try to figure out what […]

#audiomo Installment 26 W is for Webb, the James Webb Space Telescope

Here is the 26th installment of #audiomo 2020 where I try my best to explain the incredible scientific initiative that is The James Webb Space Telescope. It was rather challenging to record a discussion of the JWST and do it justice it is such a huge endeavour. I will be re-exploring this telescope as it […]

#audiomo Installment 25 V is for Venus

In this installment we take a quick flyby of Venus, a once mysterious planet named after a Roman goddess of beauty, the truth however is altogether a different story. UPDATE: I erroneously stated the average temperature of Earth as 25 C, it is actually 16 C. and the 243th day in an Earth year is […]

#audiomo Installment 21 S is for Space sounds

Listen to this #AudioMo installment with headphones in a darkened room. 🙂 Music: Hitman by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Cover image by user Gerd Altmann (geralt-9301) from

#audiomo installment 18 & 19, mind your Ps and Qs, shallow diving into Particle physics and Quantum Mechanics.

Strap yourself in for this #AudioMo instalment, it’s going to be a wild ride that will blow your mind! I go out on the proverbial knowledge limb on this one and test my limits of rambling on off the top of my head and speaking without a net! Music: Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeod Link: […]