AudioMo 2021 – Day 1

Image of child yelling into studio microphone

AudioMo sneaked up on me, never saw it coming, must have been wearing very quiet shoes. I was all geared up to do a well-organized, well-though out and well-prepared AudioMo, but alas, it will have to go to next year. Here is my June 1st entry, as I talk about why I haven’t talked about […]

#audiomo Installment 25 V is for Venus

Montage of planet Venus, Venus de Milo sculpture and first ever picture from the surface of Venus or any other planet.

In this installment we take a quick flyby of Venus, a once mysterious planet named after a Roman goddess of beauty, the truth however is altogether a different story. UPDATE: I erroneously stated the average temperature of Earth as 25 C, it is actually 16 C. and the 243th day in an Earth year is […]